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As Jupiter, Florida gears up for mandatory structural and electrical safety inspections, the time to secure your inspection is now. Avoid the last-minute rush and ensure your property meets all safety standards with Jupiter Building Inspections by Building Mavens.

Renowned for our expertise in building safety, engineering inspection, and assessment services, we specialize in milestone and recertification inspections among other essential engineering services. At Building Mavens, our mission is to provide peace of mind, safeguarding your home and your loved ones against unforeseen disasters.

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Jupiter, Florida’s Premiere Building Safety Partner

At Building Mavens, we understand the critical need for a reliable engineering partner. For Jupiter property owners, ensuring the safety and compliance of multi-family residential and condominium buildings is a priority. We offer an unparalleled blend of expertise, advanced technology, and efficient processes, tailored to manage your building safety needs with precision and professionalism.

As Florida intensifies its focus on preventing structural failures, safety regulations are rapidly evolving. Staying confident in your building’s compliance becomes increasingly challenging for everyone. Partnering with Building Mavens means more than just exceptional service; it signifies a lasting partnership. Our team, comprising industry veterans with extensive experience in Florida’s building safety regulations, is at the forefront of compliance standards. Utilizing our collective expertise, technology, and dedication, we provide insights and guidance necessary for informed decision-making, ensuring the long-term safety of your building and its occupants.

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The 5-star rating we have earned in Google comes from providing a great experience for our clients.

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With our efficient setup, you can have your building inspection paid for and scheduled in as little as 10 minutes.

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We are among the industry leaders in turn-around time, returning actionable inspection reports and assessments fast.

Featured Engineering Services in  Jupiter, Florida

Florida Milestone Inspection Services

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Our team works in full compliance with Florida Statutes (553.899), our team conducts crucial structural inspections for aging condominiums and cooperative buildings of more than three stories.

Structural Integrity Reserve Studies (SIRS)

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We conduct thorough reserve fund studies for condos and cooperatives three stories or taller, ensuring financial preparedness for property turnovers.

Building Safety & Recertification Inspections

Two men observe the damage to Champlain Towers South condominium, which collapsed on June 24, 2021

Our experience extends to Jupiter’s building recertification requirements, managing mandatory structural and electrical safety inspections for non-exempt buildings efficiently.

By the numbers

As an experienced, multi-disciplinary engineering boutique, we are equipped with the knowledge gained from decades of industry experience. We have collectively worked with hundreds of clients on hundreds of projects throughout South Florida and in Jupiter. We are proud of our 95% repeat or referral rate.

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