• Front view of Coral Springs Funeral Home from the parking lot on a sunny day.

Project Overview:

Background: Coral Springs Funeral Home sought to ensure their building’s structural and electrical systems met state and local standards, in line with Florida Statutes §553.899 and the Broward County Building Safety Inspection Program (BORA Policy #05-05). To accomplish this, they engaged Building Mavens for a comprehensive safety inspection.

Project Scope:

  • Building Type: A single commercial building.
  • Inspection Focus: Comprehensive safety inspection, covering both structural and electrical components in compliance with Florida Statutes §553.899 and BORA Policy #05-05.
  • Location: Coral Springs, FL
  • Building Specifications: One-story, 4,865 square feet.
  • Collaboration: The project required coordination with the property owner for a thorough inspection.

Approach: We conducted a detailed inspection, focusing on the building’s specific needs and ensuring compliance with safety regulations. The team used our comprehensive checklist aligned with Florida Statutes §553.899 requirements and BORA Policy #05-05, emphasizing structural and electrical safety.

Innovative Techniques: We utilized modern diagnostic tools and methods, including thermal imaging for electrical inspections, to ensure a thorough examination without missing details.

Outcome: Our close collaboration with the property owner of Coral Springs Funeral Home was essential in facilitating a smooth and efficient inspection process. This partnership allowed us to thoroughly examine the building’s structural and electrical systems, leading to a comprehensive report that detailed our findings and recommendations. The outcome of this collaborative effort was not only compliance with Florida and Broward County regulations but also a significant enhancement of the building’s safety and the owner’s understanding of its status going forward.