• Plantation Merchandise Mart building from parking lot - Angle 1
  • Plantation Merchandise Mart building from parking lot - Angle 2

Project Overview:

Background: Plantation Merchandise Mart, a notable commercial hub located in Plantation, Florida, sought to ensure the safety and compliance of its premises. The property owners recognized an urgent need to ensure they were fully aligned with the new and rigorous standards set by Florida Statutes §553.899, the Broward County Building Safety Inspection Program (BORA Policy #05-05), and additional City of Plantation requirements. Building Mavens was tasked with conducting this essential inspection, giving them the insights they would need to make decisions confidently.

Project Scope:

  • Building Type: A single, expansive commercial building.
  • Inspection Focus: A thorough examination of structural and electrical safety, pursuant to Florida Statutes §553.899, BORA Policy #05-05, and the City of Plantation’s specific mandates.
  • Location: Plantation, FL
  • Building Specifications: One-story, 37,486 square feet.
  • Collaboration: Engaged with the property owner, particularly in addressing and rectifying immediate repair needs to meet the Broward County Building Safety Inspection Program standards.

Approach: Our detailed-focused methodology and deep regulatory knowledge guided a thorough inspection process, covering all aspects of structural and electrical safety.

Advanced Techniques: Leveraging advanced diagnostic tools and techniques, our team conducted an in-depth analysis of the building’s condition. Our state-of-the-art equipment and methodologies ensured an efficient identification of potential safety issues.

Outcome: The success of the Plantation Merchandise Mart’s safety inspection was accelerated by our strong collaboration with the property owner, especially in addressing immediate repair needs. This partnership ensured that the inspection process was not only thorough but also aligned with the specific compliance requirements of the Broward County Building Safety Inspection Program. The comprehensive inspection and subsequent repairs reinforced the building’s structural and electrical integrity, ensuring its compliance with state and local regulations.