Construction Litigation and Expert Witness

Construction Litigation and Expert Witness

Construction Litigation and Expert Witness2024-03-29T16:00:37-04:00

Litigation Support

Construction defects in condominiums and other buildings in Florida are a regular occurrence due to inadequate construction management, failure in building inspections, or a lack of understanding of building codes and code compliance. Water intrusion through poorly constructed building envelopes and other construction defects often presents a headache to many new homeowners who seek our sunny climate for relaxation or retirement. Yet the idea of litigation and all it entails with construction claims is daunting, and without a competent team of Florida construction litigation expert witnesses to assist them through the process only adds to their stress and frustration.

Building Mavens’ construction expert witnesses are highly qualified individuals who can help you navigate the challenges of your construction disputes and provide you with exemplary litigation support and expert witness services. Our licensed Architects, Engineers, and General Contractors have extensive knowledge and experience in design and construction. Their expertise and experience in code compliance, identifying construction defects, and addressing construction claims allow them to provide objective and unbiased opinions based on facts.

Code Compliance and Plan Review

At Building Mavens, our architecture and engineering expert witnesses are also specialized in ensuring code compliance with building codes and other regulations. They are often called upon to provide expert witness reports for construction disputes in Florida related to errors and omissions and the standard of care of other design professionals.

In addition to providing expert witness testimony for construction cases in Florida, our professionals are available to review building plans and specifications to ensure that they comply with applicable building codes and identify potential construction issues before they occur.

Construction Claims

Building Maven’s licensed General Contractors specialize in a variety of construction claims, from assessing the quality of work to determining the cause of construction defects, or other issues related to building projects. As expert witnesses, they present complex technical information in a way that is easy for the judge and jury to understand. Using their extensive OSHA skills and training they can also evaluate construction accidents and provide construction accident expert witness services in Florida.

Whether you are a property owner, contractor, developer, architect, or attorney, our team of experts are available to provide you with objective and unbiased perspectives on your construction claim. Contact our team today to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are construction defects?2023-10-06T12:34:41-04:00

Construction defects are issues that arise from a flaw in the design, planning, or construction of a building or structure. Defects can be either latent or patent in nature. Latent defects are not immediately apparent or visible upon inspection and may not become apparent until sometime after the construction work has been completed and the building is turned over. Latent defects may be due to faulty design, poor workmanship, or the use of inferior materials. Examples of latent defects include a leaky roof, foundation problems, and electrical issues. Patent defects, on the other hand, are visible or apparent upon inspection. Patent defects are typically defects that can be seen or discovered during the construction process or shortly after construction work has been completed. Examples of patent defects include cracked walls, uneven floors, and faulty doors or windows.

What are construction claims?2023-10-06T12:35:07-04:00

Construction claims typically involve a written notice sent by one party to another, detailing the nature of the construction defects, the damages suffered, and the relief sought. The claim may be based on breach of contract, negligence, or other grounds, and may request compensation for damages, additional time for completion of the project, or other forms of relief. Once a construction claim has been made, the parties may engage in negotiation, mediation, or arbitration to resolve the dispute. If a resolution cannot be reached through these methods, the parties may resort to litigation in court.

What is a construction expert?2023-10-06T12:35:28-04:00

A construction expert is a professional with specialized knowledge and experience in the construction industry who is qualified to provide expert opinions and testimony in legal disputes related to construction projects. Construction experts may be called upon to analyze and evaluate construction defects, delay claims, cost overruns, design errors, and other issues that arise during construction projects.

What is construction litigation, and why might I need an expert witness?2024-03-29T15:07:54-04:00

Construction litigation involves legal disputes related to construction projects, including delays, contract issues, and quality of work. You might need an expert witness to provide specialized knowledge, like structural engineering insights, to support your case in court or negotiations.

How can an expert witness assist in construction disputes?2024-03-29T15:08:17-04:00

An expert witness can offer detailed analysis, reports, and testimony on complex construction issues, helping the court or arbitration panel understand technical aspects crucial to resolving a dispute.

What impact can an expert witness have on my construction litigation case?2024-03-29T15:08:49-04:00

An expert witness can significantly impact the outcome by providing credible, understandable explanations of complex construction issues, which help the judge or jury make informed decisions.

When should I consider hiring a construction expert witness?2024-03-29T15:10:46-04:00

Consider hiring an expert witness when facing a construction dispute that requires specialized knowledge to explain project nuances, standards of care, or to evaluate technical aspects of a construction claim.

Can an expert witness help with contract disputes over construction quality?2024-03-29T15:11:09-04:00

Yes, an expert witness can analyze the contract, inspect the construction work, and provide an informed opinion on whether the work meets the contractual standards and industry norms.

Can expert witnesses assist in resolving disputes before they reach court?2024-03-29T15:11:59-04:00

Yes, expert witnesses can provide mediation or arbitration services, offering technical insight that may help resolve disputes early and avoid court.

How long does a construction litigation case typically take?2024-03-29T15:12:23-04:00

The duration varies greatly depending on the case’s complexity, the amount of evidence, and the court’s schedule. We work efficiently to keep the process as short as possible.

What qualifications should I look for in a construction expert witness?2024-03-29T15:12:51-04:00

Look for professionals with extensive experience in construction and engineering, specific expertise in construction practices, and experience in litigation support, including testimony in trials or depositions. The team at Building Mavens has decades of experience and hundreds of cases worth of experience to support your case.

How does the expert witness process work in construction litigation?2024-03-29T15:13:26-04:00

The process involves the expert reviewing all relevant documentation and evidence, conducting site visits if necessary, forming an expert opinion, and presenting that opinion through reports, depositions, or courtroom testimony.

How do I initiate a consultation for a potential construction litigation case?2024-03-29T15:14:14-04:00

Contact us through our website or call our office. We’ll arrange a meeting to discuss your situation and how we can assist you.