Navigating Florida Condo Inspection Bills: SB 4-D and Glitch Bill SB 154 Explained

The Florida Condo Inspection Bill 4-D (full Bill here) and Glitch Bill SB 154 (full Bill here) have introduced significant changes to condominium inspection requirements in the state. These changes affect various aspects of condo management and maintenance, including information reporting, milestone inspections, structural integrity reserve studies, and new reserve rules. We break down the implications of these bills, addressing their practical implications for condo associations and pr … read more

Posted by Scott Harvey-Lewis on Apr 6th 2023

Milestone Inspections In Broward County, Florida

Broward County recently amended its Building Safety Inspection Program to incorporate the statewide structural inspection program for condominium and cooperative associations three (3) stories or more in height, defined as a “milestone inspection.” Read more about Florida Milestone Inspections HERE. The program now requires the inspection of all non-exempt buildings in the County, thirty (30) years of age or older (based on the date of the certificate of occupancy). For Condomin … read more

Posted by Scott Harvey-Lewis on Nov 2nd 2022

Milestone Inspections And Building Recertification Changes In Miami-Dade County

The new requirements for milestone inspections, as outlined in the new state law (, along with recent amended Ordinances, have the following impacts on all existing buildings in Miami-Dade County: All buildings built on or before 1982 that have already had an initial recertification inspection through Miami-Dade’s 40-Year program will continue to follow the established schedule.Coastal condominium and cooperative buildings three stories or taller b … read more

Posted by Scott Harvey-Lewis on Sep 26th 2022

Inspections: Milestone V. Structural Integrity Reserve Study

What are some primary differences between the Phase 1 Milestone visual examination and the visual examination associated with the Structural Integrity Reserve Study (SIRS)?1. The Phase 1 Milestone Inspection is a structural inspection of a building’s primary structural systems, whereas the SIRS requires a visual inspection of the roof, load bearing walls or other primary structural members, floor, foundation, fireproofing and fire protection systems, plumbing, and any item with a defer … read more

Posted by Scott Harvey-Lewis on Aug 22nd 2022

Watch The Webinar: New Condo Inspection Bill

Our President, Scott Harvey-Lewis, recently participated in an educational “New Condo Inspection Bill Part Two” webinar featuring Evan Bradley from Campbell Property Management and Attorney Michael Bender from Kaye Bender Rembaum to discuss the impact of SB 4D on community associations.The webinar covered:A Recap of the Condo Inspection BillEngineering DiscussionQ&A SessionAnd moreBuilding Mavens is a multi-disciplinary engineering boutique specializing in milestone inspections and capital i … read more

Posted by Scott Harvey-Lewis on Aug 9th 2022